Buri Daikon Recipe

Buri Daikon Recipe

It is a quite easy recipe, but proper preparation makes a difference.  Blanching the fish in boiling water for a couple of seconds is very important to remove any unwanted smell of the fish.   Also pre-cooking the Daikon makes it better for absorbing flavors when cooked in the seasoned broth.  There are more steps than just putting everything in a pot. Trust us, it will taste much better this way.

Try Buri Daikon for dinner on a cold evening in winter.  This will satisfy and warm you up very well!


3 yellowtail fillets (about 300g)
1/2 large Daikon radish
20g ginger root
1 1/2 cup (360ml) water
1/3 cup (80ml) Soy Sauce
1/3 cup (80ml) Sake
1/4 cup (60ml) Mirin
3 Tbsp sugar


Cut fillets into 3 pieces, and blanch in boiling water for a couple of seconds . Remove from water and set aside.
Cut Daikon radish into 1" thick rounds. Then peel and cut into halves. Round off the sharp edges. In a pot boil enough water to cover, and cook Daikon for 15 minutes until easily pierced with a toothpick. Strain water and set aside.
Cut ginger thinly, like matchsticks.
In a medium pot, add water, Soy Sauce, Sake, Mirin, and sugar, and let boil. Add fish, Daikon, and ginger. Cover with parchment paper and cook 25 minutes. Cool completely. Serve at room temperature or reheat.
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