Seeded Radish Coleslaw with Sweet Chili Mayo

Seeded Radish Coleslaw with Sweet Chili Mayo

Mayonnaise is a food under contention in the paleo world so if you would prefer to make it without, then simply whisk together 4 fl oz cider vinegar, 3 tbsp honey and 4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil and dress the coleslaw with that instead.

3-6 tbsp mayonnaise
Juice and zest of 1 lime
3 tbsp hot or mild sweet chili dipping sauce
1 small white cabbage
1 red onion
2 carrots
4 tbsp sesame seeds

1. Mix together the mayo, lime and chili sauce.

2. Finely shred the cabbage, finely slice the onion and grate the carrots.

3. Mix together the vegetables and the mayonnaise (or the dressing).

4. Toast the seeds in a dry skillet for 3-5 minutes until golden.

5. Serve the coleslaw in individual ramekins with the toasted seeds sprinkled over the top.

Makes eight servings.
Each serving has 105 calories.
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