Breakfast pizza, Real guacamole

Breakfast pizza, Real guacamole

Enjoy the fresh creamy taste of guacamole no matter where you are.

Serves 2. Preparation 5 minutes. Cooking time 20 minutes.

100 g chorizoor
4 bacon rashers
Westfalia Plain Avo Oil, to fry
1 sweet potato
2 eggs
2 wraps
1 tub Plain or Spicy
Westfalia Guacamole

Cube the chorizo or bacon and pan-fry in Westfalia Plain Avo Oil until crispy. Set aside.

Cut the sweet potato in small blocks and fry in the leftover fat in the same pan until crispy on the outside but soft on the inside.

Fry the eggs to taste and warm the wrap on a hot grid or pan.

Spread each wrap thickly with Westfalia Guacamole. Place a fried egg in the middle of each wrap and scatter with the chorizo or bacon bits and the fried sweet potato.

Cut in wedges and tuck in.

TIP: You can find Westfalia Ready-to-eat Guacamole in the cold section of the supermarket.

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