The apples in caramel and chocolate dessert recipes simple easy

The apples in caramel and chocolate dessert recipes simple easy

For dessert for the festive table or as a tasty gift loved ones offer to do the apples in caramel and chocolate at home. Very beautiful and incredibly delicious.

Description of preparation:
It is a simple, though slightly time-consuming recipe cooking apples in caramel and chocolate. They can add cookie crumbs, nuts or other decorations that will make dessert is not only incredibly delicious but also very bright and beautiful.

• Apples — 12-14 Pieces
• Brown sugar — 400 Grams
• Condensed Milk — 150 Grams
• Corn syrup — 50 Ml (dilute starch in water)
• Salt — 1 Pinch
• Vanilla extract — 1 teaspoon
• Chocolate — 100 Grams
• Butter — 270 Grams (200 in caramel, 70 in the glaze)
• Nuts — 1 to taste

Number of servings: 12-14

How to cook the Apples in caramel and chocolate

■ The first step is to choose a good, dense apples. Wash and properly dry.

■ Chop sticks on them (preferably pointy and thin to withstand the weight of an Apple) and send in the fridge for 15-20 minutes.

■ Meanwhile you can do caramel. In a small saucepan pour the sugar, add condensed milk, corn syrup (you can also use corn starch, pre-dissolved in water), butter, a pinch of salt and vanilla extract. Send everything on a slow fire and boil the caramel until the sugar is dissolved (about 15 minutes).

■ The finished caramel cool slightly and then lower back cold apples.

■ On a baking sheet lay out parchment paper and lightly grease it with butter. Send the apples and leave to harden caramel (after 15-20 minutes you can put in the fridge).

■ The caramel should cover the bullseye and how to harden. Meanwhile you can do with chocolate icing. Here everything is quite simple in a water bath melt chocolate with butter.

■ Glaze to cover all of the Apple or only one spouse is optional.

■ Then you can decorate the apples in caramel and chocolate at home the crushed nuts, for example.

■ Or make decorating frosting using a pastry bag. Here you can unleash the imagination, as options, how to make caramel apples and chocolate can be a weight. After you want to send apples in the fridge for a couple hours.
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