Chicken liver salad

Chicken liver salad

Best served warm. You can arrange lettuce on a big plate, but also on the plates, for each person served!


• 6 Chicken liver
• 2 tomatoes
• 1 capiscum
• 1 onion
• Lettuce
• 1 small box liver pate
• 2 teaspoon of mustard
• Parsley
• 4 tablespoons of oil
• Salt
• Pepper

Step 1:
Livers are cooked, drain the water and let cool.

Step 2:
Meanwhile, prepare sauce: liver pate and mustard rub with oil. Add finely chopped parsley and half a green pepper (capiscum), diced small. If necessary, we may add oil, then add salt and pepper.

Step 3:
On a platter, arrange the lettuce leaves livers, pour the sauce. Garnish with sliced ​​tomatoes and onions, also with remaining green pepper (capiscum).
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