Fried mushrooms

Fried mushrooms

Delicious garnish containing champignon mushrooms as a main ingredient. Ready in about 30 minutes , very easy to prepare.


• 500 gr of Champignon mushrooms
• 2 eggs
• parsley
• some tablespoons of flour
• some tablespoons of breadcrumbs
• salt and pepper

Step 1:
Wash well and dry the mushrooms , sprinkle some salt and pepper on them. Beat the eggs and mix them with a little salt and chopped parsley.

Step 2:
Heat some oil in a pan and start to fry mushrooms as follows: roll the mushroom in flour, then roll it in the beaten egg with parsley and finally we roll it in breadcrumbs. Put it in hot oil and fry it on both sides. Proceed like that with all mushrooms. Remove them from the pan on paper towels to absorb excess oil.
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