Pear cinnamon pie

Pear cinnamon pie


For the dough:
• 7 oz (200g) flour
• 4.4 oz (125g) butter
• 3.3 fl oz (100ml) water
• salt

For the stuffing:
• 26.5 oz (750g) pears
• 1 tsp butter
• sugar
• cinnamon

Step 1:
The dough: Sift the flour into a bowl and mix with the butter, don't knead. Pour the salty water over and stir it quickly by hand; don't try to get a perfect mixture.

Step 2:
Put the dough in the fridge and let it rest for 20 minutes; then use as any pastry.

Step 3:
The stuffing: peel the pears, take the core out cut them in quarters and then into slices, fry them in butter, add a little sugar and cinnamon to taste. Let it cool off.

Step 4:
Roll the dough as a 0.2 inch (0.5 cm) sheet, cut it in 2 sheets and place one of them in a wet round trey. Place the pears on it. Wet the edges and stick the other half of the dough over it so that the pears won't drop out.

Step 5:
Grease the top with egg white, prick the pie in several places and bake in high heat for about 45 minutes.
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