Pork tongue with sour-cream sauce

Pork tongue with sour-cream sauce

Delicious recipe for pork tongues.


• 17.6 oz (500g) pork tongues
• 10.5 oz (300g) sour-cream
• 1 onion
• 3 bunches dill
• 1 Tbs flour
• 1 cup milk
• lemon juice (optional)
• salt and pepper

Step 1:
Wash the tongues very well and leave them in cold water for 15 minutes so the blood would come out.

Step 2:
Put them to boil over low heat in a large pot, so the water covers them entirely. Take out all the formed foam. After 5 minutes since the moment the water started to boil, take the meat out and let it cool off.

Step 3:
Scrape the white part off the meat, using a knife and always starting from the tip of the tongue.

Step 4:
Pass the broth in which the tongues boiled through a cheesecloth. Put it back to boil, with the tongues and a peeled, whole onion. When boiled, throw the onion and slice the meat.

Step 5:
Mix a cup of milk or of boiled broth with the flour and the sour-cream. Add chopped dill, season with salt and pepper and pour the sauce over the sliced tongues.

Step 6:
Put everything back on the stove and boil it a few times. It might be too sweet, so you can add lemon juice now or when serving, as you prefer.

Step 7:
Serve warm, with polenta and pickles or a salad.
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