Recipe Pesto sauce

Recipe Pesto sauce

This sauce is best for pasta and spaghetti. Very easy to prepare , ready in 10-20 minutes.


• 500 gr of fresh basil
• 200 gr of parmesan
• 100 gr of olive oil
• salt
• pepper

Step 1:
Basil pesto sauce for pasta is a very simple sauce to prepare.

Step 2:
Clean the basil , wash it , cut it in strips and place it in a bowl with grated parmesan. Mix it and when is stirred a little start pouring oil little by little ( like mayonnaise ). When you finished pouring oil, add salt and pepper, blend 2-3 times and the sauce is ready.

Step 3:
Put the obtained sauce in jars, and on top pour oil just to cover the sauce, otherwise you risk that the sauce makes mold. Sauce can be kept for 10-12 months away from heat. It can be used to prepare pasta or food.
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