Recipe Pesto sauce

Recipe Pesto sauce

This sauce is best for pasta and spaghetti. Very easy to prepare , ready in 10-20 minutes.


• 500 gr of fresh basil
• 200 gr of parmesan
• 100 gr of olive oil
• salt
• pepper

Step 1:
Basil pesto sauce for pasta is a very simple sauce to prepare.

Step 2:
Clean the basil , wash it , cut it in strips and place it in a bowl with grated parmesan. Mix it and when is stirred a little start pouring oil little by little ( like mayonnaise ). When you finished pouring oil, add salt and pepper, blend 2-3 times and the sauce is ready. Put the obtained sauce in jars, and on top pour oil just to cover the sauce, otherwise you risk that the sauce makes mold. Sauce can be kept for 10-12 months away from heat. It can be used to prepare pasta or food.
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