Salad with beef meat and cucumber

Salad with beef meat and cucumber

Place in bowl or platter and garnish with slices of hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, peppers or olives!


• 1.1 pounds of beef meat/500 gr. beef meat
• 6-8 sour cucumber
• 0.45 pounds of raw onion/200 gr. of raw onion
• 0.70 pounds of potatoes/300 gr. of potatoes
• 0.45 pounds of mayonnaise/200 gr. mayonnaise
• 0.05 pounds of tomato paste/20 g. tomato paste

Step 1:
Boil meat and potatoes. Cut meat into small cubes, cucumbers, onions and potatoes.

Step 2:
Put everything in a bowl and mix, adding mayonnaise, tomato paste and salt to taste, pepper and a little sugar and mustard.
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