Potato and turnips soup

Potato and turnips soup

Before serving, beat the soup with cream or add grated cheese. Instead all this, it can be served and with fried bread cubes!


▶ 4 potatoes
▶ 2 turnips
▶ Lettuce
▶ 0.15 pounds of butter
▶ 2.2 pounds of water or vegetables soup
▶ 0.25 pounds of sour cream
▶ Salt
▶ Dill
▶ Parsley
▶ 1 tablespoon of flour

Step 1

Peel the vegetables, cut the noodles and scalding cleaned turnips. Turnips and potatoes cut into quarters and fry all in fat (butter).

Step 2

Add a tablespoon of flour browned. Pour boiling water or vegetable soup, salt and boil. After add chopped greens.

Bon Appetit !
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