Tomato soup with noodles

Tomato soup with noodles

Very appreciated and healthy meal. Best served hot!


• 2.2 pounds of tomatoes or a can of broth
• 1 onion
• 1 pepper
• Sugar
• Parsley
• Dill
• Noodles (without egg)
• Salt
• Peppercorns

Step 1:
Peel onions and peppers, finely chop and cook. Tomatoes are washed, grated and added giving over onions and peppers.

Step 2:
Cook 10-15 minutes, stir continuously, add 4.3 pounds of water and let boil longer. Add a handful of noodles, sugar, pepper and salt suit.

Step 3:
After the fire is extinguished, add chopped green herbs and cover.
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